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The Free SEO Tool was designed to help you with your search engine optimization efforts! Just enter your URL and your focus keyword and we will deliver a professional onpage and offpage analysis in the blink of an eye. Do not hesitate to use the tool as much as you want! This service is totally free and will stay that way forever.

So far we have performed exactly 12,385 analyzes. Thank you so much!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Free SEO Tool is really easy to use, so most questions are related to search engine optimization. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Because we can! Seriously, we've developed the underlying technology to better handle our own SEO projects. After the development was completed, we were so proud that we wanted to let the whole world participate.
Search engine optimization is complex. Nevertheless, we have gone to great lengths to make things as easy as possible. Explanations and tips are provided in many places, so that even beginners can benefit from the tool. Just give it a try!
As you can imagine, we are very busy. Therefore we can not accept new customers at the moment. If you need assistance with your SEO efforts, ask a local expert. Keep in mind that a successful search engine optimization needs a lot of experience, so the cheapest offer is usually not the best choice.
During the onpage analysis, the onpage factors of the specified website are checked. The onpage factors include (but are not limited to) the title tag, the various meta tags, the headings, the textual content, the images and internal and external links. A professional onpage analysis is always the basis for successful search engine optimization.
The offpage analysis provides an insight into the backlink structure of the specified URL. With this data it is possible to estimate the quality and quality of the existing backlinks. It should always be taken into account that the available data may not necessarily be complete and accurate. The available offpage analysis therefore serves more as a starting point and should always be supplemented by reliable data. Truly reliable data is offered primarily by the tools provided by search engine operators, for example the Google Search Console.